Who Are We?

PDES, Inc. is an international industry, government, and university consortium committed to accelerating the development and implementation of standards for product data exchange in the Digital Enterprise.


Connecting the Digital Enterprise

Providing the Digital Enterprise strong business value through collaboration in standards development and best practices.

Our mission is to enable enterprise integration, improve product quality, increase flexibility, and project lifecycle management interoperability for our participant companies. PDES Inc’s participant companies represent a number of industries and fields, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, manufacturing, and software.

We work with the national and international standards structure, helping companies utilize ISO 10303, more commonly known as STEP, as well as other industry and national standards.

Standards & Best Practices

PDES, Inc. members represent leading manufacturers, U.S government agencies, universities, and software vendors.

We support the Digital Enterprise through the development and implementation of information and product exchange and data standards.

These standards support model-based engineering, model-based manufacturing, and model-based sustainment. Implementation testing and data exchange using the ISO 10303 standard (STEP) are an integral part of PDES, Inc.

ISO and LOTAR standards. Development and standards testing (forums).


PDES, Inc. is a key enabler of Long Term Archiving and Retrieval (LOTAR). The objective of LOTAR International is to develop, test, publish and maintain standards for long-term archiving (LTA) of digital data, such as 3D CAD and PDM data.

MBx Implementor Forum

The MBx Implementor Forum is a joint testing effort between AFNeT, PDES, Inc. and prostep ivip to accelerate CAx translator development and ensure that users' requirements are satisfied.


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